Frequently Asked Questions

What Parade are you in?

  • We will be riding in the  Elks Krewe of Jeffersonians, the first truck parade following Argus on Mardi Gras Day in Metairie. 

Do I have to wear a costume?

  • You will be provided with a costume top, mask and a hat. The parish rules require riders to be in costume including mask at all times.  The costume is yours to keep.

What type of music to you play?

  • We will play a blend of upbeat top 40 hits from the last 40 years with traditional Mardi Gras music sprinkled in.  (Think party music)

Do you allow drinking on the float?

  • Drinking by people of legal drinking age is allowed on the float. Please govern your own behavior.

Are ice chests/food allowed on the float?

  • You may bring an ice chest on the float and keep it in your spot. Food is permitted on the float.

Do you allow smoking on the float?

  • Smoking on the float is against the law and not permitted at ANY TIME. Anyone smoking will be removed from the float and no refund will be given.

When do we load up?

  • We load the float the evening before Mardi Gras. All throws and ice chests are loaded at this time. A police officer is hired to provide security for the float and throws overnight. Ice chests may not be brought on the float Mardi Gras morning.

Do you allow children to ride on the float?

  • All children under the age of 12 are required to be harnessed per parish ordinance.

Do I have to help decorate and/or clean up?

  • No, you do not have to help decorate or clean up the float. After the parade is over on the ride back to the loading area, we will pass around trash bags to dispose of large items. When we return to the loading area, you are free to leave.

What is a Carnival Club?

  • A Carnival Club is a group of people who pay dues or registration fees to ride on a Parade float. The dues are generally small and help cover the cost of the participating in a parade that are paid by the float owner.

Is there a bathroom on the float?

  • Port-a-let type facilities are provided. Pictures are available on the Our Float page on this website.

Are throws provided?

  • Throws are not included in the registration fee/club dues.

How can I contact you?


Do you have a list of the rules?

  • Click here for the Jefferson Parish Government Mardi Gras website.

  • Jefferson Parish Rules are available here and here.

What is the Metairie Mardi Gras Parade Route?

  • The  parade begins at the intersection of Veterans Boulevard and Houma Boulevard.

  • The parade will go east on Veterans Memorial Boulevard until it reaches Severn Avenue, where it will turn right.

  • Then it travels north up Severn to the intersection of Severn and 12th Street, where the parade make a U-turn back to Veterans

  • At Veterans Memorial Boulevard, the parade turns left

  • The parade stays on Veterans  to Bonnabel Boulevard, where the parade turns left and heads north

  • At the intersection of Bonnabel and Feronia Street, the parade makes a U-turn back to Veterans

  • At Veterans Memorial Boulevard, the parade turns left

  • The parade stays on Veterans to the intersection of Veterans and Martin Behrman Avenue, where the parade ends.

Do you participate in any other parades?

  • In 2017, we participated in the Louisiana Irish Italian Parade in Metairie. Pictures of that parade are available here

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