Our Float

Coconuts Carnival Club launched in the 2016 Mardi Gras Season.  We have been riders for more than 15 years and purchased our own truck float in 2015.  We had a vision of how a parade ride could be. Our first year, we filled every spot on our float, had a great group of riders and most of them returned to ride with us again. We are honored that our float filled up again quickly for 2017 Mardi Gras.

Our truck float is completely refurbished!  There is shelving provided for your throws and of course, plenty of space to hang up beads. In addition, there is a tray in front of riders for extra convenience. We have a super clean restroom. We tried to anticipate our rider’s needs and used the very best construction materials to help ensure rider safety. Scroll down to see pictures of our float.

We are dedicated to providing our riders a premiere parade experience that will keep our club members returning each year! Click here for our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Rstroom Door

restroom Door

Shelves and fish

Shelves and hooks at front of float

Bck pass

View to rear of float

Shiny floor

View to front of float

View to back Passenger

view to back of float



hooks and art

passenger side looking to the back

very front

very front passenger side





rider hooks

rider hooks




throw hooks

throw hooks

newly refurbished

newly refurbished






Cleaned the day after

view from front to back










Passenger side

view from back to front

back level

very back passenger side of float









Passenger side view with no decorations

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